what I have done so far: metrophones

In 2010, during my sophomore year of college,  I had a long commute - about an hour and a half - from my house to school. The best part of commuting was listening to music while reading books. I remember reading to Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth while listening to Joanna Newsom and being so enthralled that I missed my stop. So I decided to photograph and interview people about what they were listening to while riding the São Paulo metro. That was Metrophones. 

The project lasted about a year and a half. I made 114 posts. Metrophones was the first famous tumblr in Brazil - it went viral! TV Interview, media shoutouts.... My former partner and I put up an interactive exhibit at Casa das Rosas, during São Paulo's Virada Cultural. I continued the project for a bit while studying abroad in Madrid. Then, it was over. There is really not an explanation for it except that I think once things go viral, they have a life spam before it gets repetitive. So I ended it. I miss it sometimes, I especially miss having a reason to approach cool-looking people to ask them what they are listening to. 

At some point, someone deleted Metrophones social media and ALMOST deleted all the published posts. But that is a story for another time...