what I have done so far: metrophones

In 2010, during my sophomore year of college,  I had a long commute - about an hour and a half - from my house to school. The best part of commuting was listening to music while reading books. I remember reading to Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth while listening to Joanna Newsom and being so enthralled that I missed my stop. So I decided to photograph and interview people about what they were listening to while riding the São Paulo metro. That was Metrophones. 

The project lasted about a year and a half. I made 114 posts. Metrophones was the first famous tumblr in Brazil - it went viral! TV Interview, media shoutouts.... My former partner and I put up an interactive exhibit at Casa das Rosas, during São Paulo's Virada Cultural. I continued the project for a bit while studying abroad in Madrid. Then, it was over. There is really not an explanation for it except that I think once things go viral, they have a life spam before it gets repetitive. So I ended it. I miss it sometimes, I especially miss having a reason to approach cool-looking people to ask them what they are listening to. 

At some point, someone deleted Metrophones social media and ALMOST deleted all the published posts. But that is a story for another time... 

what I have done so far: capitolina

Revista Capitolina came to be through a conversation among young adult women who were unsatisfied with what was being offered to teen girls in Brazilian media.  We decided to create our own online platform, that came to life on April, 2015. Since then, we have published two books under Companhia das Letras, made TV appearances, spoken at various events... it's been quite a ride! At the moment, I participate as a writer, editorial manager and advisor. All I have written for the magazine can be found here.